Welcome to Unblogged

By David Corelli


You know the kind. The powerful ones. The insatiable drive for something. A compulsion that you just can’t quit. When for a minute you forget everything else and are just caught up in one moment.

It’s in such powerful emotions that we find life’s memories waiting. Our biggest triumphs. Our strongest connections. Our deepest desires. Our most cherished times.

As people – and as business, brands, and marketers – everyday we harness all of our energy and resources to capture powerful feelings. Maximize the great. Minimize everything else.

This is what drove us to launch Unblogged – a content extension to our strategy practice. A platform to share philosophies, insights, and approaches.

For one, we felt as businesses, brands and marketers, we have lost touched. Yes, we speak of emotion, but in a way that seems like it’s something to be manufactured. That we can create it through a great ad, or at the bottom of a empty bag of product samples. That we can borrow it simply by partnering with others.

What we are talking about here is not marketing – for all intents and purposes, marketing as we know it is dead.

Being a part of my story, that’s what’s now. Equipping people to create more of life’s moments, with our brand, business or product playing a supporting role. Empower me to receive more joy, happiness, delight, freedom, comfort. Now that’s a brand for me.

Not surprisingly then, it is feeling that drives us. An intuition that it is the time to launch this platform. That we can share and deliver value to the business community. Equip people, as professionals, to go out there and capture more positive feelings for themselves and for consumers.

The intent is to start with weekly posts and adapt as we get feedback. Insights will speak to our approaches and philosophies as marketers. Industry will reflect on what is happening in the business world and what it means. Self will focus in on us as individuals and what helps us reach our potential.

So as I pen this from the corner of Impact Kitchen on a Sunday morning – watching people laugh, shares smiles and stories – I’m having one of those feelings. You know the kind – the powerful ones. For me, it’s unfettered excitement as my fingers fly across the keyboard and put the finishing touches on my first official post I will share with you.

Welcome to Unblogged. Until next time.

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