The SBX intern experience is unlike any other. With our size and scope of work, interns play a crucial role within all of our divisions and key accounts.


Dakota Laurin has excelled interning as the Assistant Coordinator, Strategy and has been a key member of the consulting team.

Our PR staff caught up with Dakota to chat about what his experience has been like at SBX Group.

PR Staff: What was attractive about doing an internship with SBX?

Dakota: After doing research, I liked how SBX was branded as a mid-sized agency with offices in Miami, Toronto, New York, etc. It felt like a perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door, learn a lot, and be exposed to the sports and entertainment marketing industry from an agency perspective.

PR Staff: What were your first impressions of SBX?

Dakota: The thing that surprised me the most was the smaller, more intimate setting. Talking to people who’d done internships at larger agencies you knew your four or five teammates and that’s it. When I first walked in, one of the first people that greeted me was (David) Corelli, our CSO. Later that week, I had a one-on-one phone call with Danny (Fritz). It was a very welcoming and engaging first week. While there’s still a hierarchy you’re not prevented from speaking your mind to anybody in the company. It’s a very open door, when you have an idea bring it to the table because it’s a very collaborative group. There’s so much overlap. We have our own teams but everyday I touch on other teams at least a few times.

PR Staff: How has working in multiple divisions helped you overall?

Dakota: Moving forward, I feel there is no way I could be pigeonholed into one specific role because I know a little bit of everything: Talent, BD, Strategy, PR. It overlaps so much. When you work one-on-one with the C-suite, and with the managers you feel like a crucial part of the team. Like in team sports, the best teams have the best player, 12th man, and the coach all interacting to achieve a common goal. The higher-ups in the company are not hesitant in the least bit to trust someone to fulfil a large task. They are really good at identifying where our strengths are.

PR Staff: What is your advice on how to stand out as an intern?

Dakota: Take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can. Anything that you’re wondering about get clarification on. Use the team members who’ve gone through the process to help. It’s important to identify areas that you want to get better at and allocate your time and energy accordingly. I think there’s an opportunity to learn because you get to try so many different things . You can either confirm what you thought or discover something brand new. You become so much more well-rounded. You just don’t get that at a larger agency. This industry is so competitive, so I think being able to be adaptable is crucial. At SBX, you learn skills that you can’t really put into words. The intangibles are invaluable.

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