SBX Group


Our Story:

In 2013, SBX Group was founded by sport and entertainment executives David Dube and Danny Fritz. Their vision: to create a mid-sized agency with personalized, large-firm services. Chief Strategy Officer David Corelli realized this goal by spearheading our evolution from a talent and events firm to a full-service agency.


With satellite offices in New York, San Francisco and London, in addition to our North American headquarters in Miami and Toronto, we have grown into a global entity while maintaining our core founding idea of providing personalized service to all of our clients.


In 2017, as the firm explored expansion into other areas of the industry, SBX acquired Ōs Group, a San Francisco based agency operating in talent and consulting, and brought on its Principal, Francisco Terreros as Executive Vice President.


Today, SBX is a sports, entertainment and lifestyle marketing agency. We are a full-service firm representing the careers of professional athletes and entertainment personalities, while also consulting for brands and owning & operating event properties.


Our Brand:

SBX, short for our founding name, SportBox, meaning: street smarts + business smarts combined with a firm of individuals who want to propel forward, be disruptive and believe in innovation.


  • S: Street Smarts — The knowledge you can only gain by being there and understanding it.
  • B: Business — The expertise to analyze, strategize and execute.
  • X: Forward — The factor that drives the biggest impact on the outcome.


We are Sports. We are Entertainment. We are Lifestyle. #WeAreSBX



To build great business opportunities with amazing people, work hard and have a lot of fun while we do it.
Personalized:  Investing time and building a personal relationship. Putting a team around our clients that compliment one another.

Entrepreneurial:  We simply think differently and disrupt the status quo.

Results-driven:  Nimble, flexible, innovative. Focused on making things happen.

Culture:  A competitive advantage as we embed these key values into everything we do.





Dube is the majority owner, controlling shareholder, President and CEO of Concorde Group Corp.— the parent company of SBX. The venture capitalist founded SBX alongside Danny Fritz in 2013 and continues to offer high-level agency vision and management. Dube is actively involved in serving the community in many areas including economic and business development, sports and education. Together with his wife Heather Ryan, they are active philanthropists and supporters of The Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Soldier On Fund, multiple healthcare charities, including the Dube Center for Mental Health, and the University of Saskatchewan. As former Chairman and Co-Founder of the Huskie Football Scholarship Foundation, Dube has helped raise over $1 million for scholarships for University of Saskatchewan’s football student-athletes.



Chief Executive Officer

Fritz has spent his illustrious 25 year career converting his experience in events, talent management, media and consulting to reshape the global sport and entertainment industry. Deep rooted in the formalization of a leading national non-profit athletic organization, it’s in his pedigree to question modern convention and approach the industry with an entrepreneurial spirit. After leading a country for IMG, Fritz co-founded SBX in 2013. As CEO, he leads a team of dynamic professionals who constantly challenge the current sport, entertainment and lifestyle landscape. His ability to build a brand and business from scratch has led to him being named a member of the Forbes Agency Council, where he regularly contributes articles on his expansive professional knowledge.



Chief Strategy Officer

Corelli is a distinguished industry-leading brand and business strategist with consumer marketing expertise. In 2013, Corelli was part of the founding team that launched SBX Group and has since grown the firm to 25 staff across 6 global offices. He is a thought-leader, having spoken at forums on sponsorship marketing, emerging consumer trends, and the future of marketing and business.
Corelli works in tandem with the CEO as the leadership team that guides the agency’s talent, event and consulting practices. He oversees all major creative, brand, marketing and media strategy for the agency and its clients.



Chief Marketing Officer

A FIFA registered agent, Terreros began his career working for various Major League Soccer teams and negotiating contracts for athletes and corporate businesses alike. This led him to start his own firm, Ōs Group, which eventually merged with SBX in 2017. Joining Fritz and Corelli as one of the agency’s lead executives, Terreros now heads the global soccer division for SBX, and is involved in day to day management of the agency through its 3 verticals. His passion for the beautiful game, entrepreneurial spirit and experience having negotiated over $30 million in contracts serve him well as he manages all of the agency’s soccer talent, including contract negotiations, endorsement rights, and image rights. His focus continues to be promoting SBX athletes in all of their endeavors, on and off the field.




Head, Talent

Jeronimus, affectionately known as “JJ”, has spent his career in Talent Relations and has a depth of knowledge and experience in the field. He manages some of the agency’s top talent across all verticals and has connected clients with some of the industry’s top brands. His managing style consists of taking the appropriate measures to ensure all aspects of his clients’ lives and professional direction are taken care of so they can solely focus on achieving success in their respective field.




Now entering her fifth year with SBX, Clarke is a senior leader in the agency, overseeing business development and talent management of Olympic and golf athletes as well as entertainment and TV personalities. After serving in corporate sales and partnerships at PrimeTime Sports & Entertainment, Clarke joined SBX looking to grow the business in a number of different verticals. Today, she is vital to all business relationships and continues to secure new strategic partnerships with brands and businesses. She is also the day-to-day manager of several of the firm’s top global talent.



Manager, Strategy & Operations

Robson is one of the key leaders across a variety of the company’s business verticals, directly supporting the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. An Ivy League graduate and varsity athlete from Brown University with previous experience in Corporate Marketing and Business Development at the PGA TOUR and The Royal Bank of Canada, she brings a unique and valuable perspective to the Consulting and Brand teams. Robson strategically identifies consumer and market trends, while designing the most impactful approach to unite the brand and consumer. Robson utilizes her degree in Business Economics to support the Operations team, overseeing agency finances, culture, and HR initiatives, ensuring the company runs like a tight ship year round.



Vice President, Strategy

Bischoff is the Chief Investment Officer for Concorde Group — the parent company of SBX. He is responsible for the focus and ongoing execution of SBX in the areas of athlete representation, event development, consulting and marketing rights of sports organizations and properties.




Manager, Events



Coordinator, Strategy



Coordinator, Business Operations



Coordinator, Talent and Events



Assistant Coordinator, Business Development



Assistant Coordinator, Talent



Assistant Coordinator, Public Relations



Assistant Coordinator, Strategy



Assistant Coordinator, Operations



Assistant Coordinator, Soccer & Hispanic Culture



Assistant Coordinator, Strategy



Assistant Coordinator, Business Development