Signing an influencer is one thing; it’s what you do and how you use an ambassador to enhance experiences and create emotional connections is what drives brand recognition and respect.

Quick Case Study – Freedom 55 Financial

Launched in October 2017, SBX worked with client Freedom 55 Financial to develop an Olympic marketing campaign purely based out of social media. SBX recommended they build a screen-to-screen campaign to hit the millennial consumer exactly where they live: Instagram.

Key Elements

• The campaign is centred around using Team Freedom athletes, Max Parrot and Brittany Hudak, to create a more relatable platform for F55F services and products to the millennial demographic.

• Our team took the daily, short-term and long-term freedoms of Max and Brittany centred around fitness, travel, disconnecting, food and music to create a connection to millennials that saving money for your future isn’t all boring, you can also save for fun things just like these athletes have.

• SBX created blog posts, videos and photographs of each athlete for F55F to leverage throughout the campaign.