SBX’s Venture Division works to identify, build and cultivate owned initiatives or joint-ventures in the world of sports, entertainment and lifestyle.
In 2019-2020, Red Bull Crashed Ice will re-launch as the Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship. With the 3-4 prior “Crashed Ice” events becoming the ‘majors’ of the series, Ice Cross will transform to become a multi-stop worldwide tour and season-long race. As a co-owner of Ice Cross Management (the entity behind the series), SBX is the engine driving the design and deployment of the Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship worldwide.
In 2014, on behalf of PGA Tour Pro Graham DeLaet, SBX led the process of developing a wholly-owned craft beer company. From leading the growth plan, to day-to-day management of the company, SBX has successfully established Prairie Baard through distribution across Canada and the United States’ West Coast.